listening to:  bless one of my friends who has long term loaned me two of her new cds ; Kim Walker “Here is my Song” and Suzy Wills Yaraei, from Morningstar.  both are live worship albums which i love, love the feel of live music vs studio produced and the crowd adding their voice to the songs…  fantastic worship.  suzy wills yaraei has awesome musicality in her songs – awesome guitar and drums… is almost hard alternative rock, but worship!  i love love love it!  there is a great song on her album called DANCE which kim walker also sings on (they hang together and sing together) and it is awesome and me and evangeline love to dance to it…  you cant help yourself!

watching on tv: still loving heroes, we’ve just had the eclipse part 2 here…  Lost starts tomorrow night… as per previous post…  otherwise there is the smattering of Dora the Explorer and Wall-E for about the 6th time…  the kids love it..

reading:  reading a Brook and Brodie Thoene book, they are christian novelists…  is good.  intersting.  entertaining.  inspiring.  a good fill in book, you know between the Excellent Books….

reading in the bible:  am “proud” of myself (in hopefully a kosher way) as i have been consistantly reading my plan this year…  am in genesis, job, mark, romans and catching up in 1 samuel and jeremiah

achieving: today i went down to church and used their puter (as mine is bust) and made Mainly Music calendars and birthday certificates… for those not in the know Mainly Music is a preschool music/dance programme for kids and mums (and dads too) – is a real community outreach thing – we have about 25 families that come (mum and kids) and 97% of them are not church people!  we sing christian songs and random dance singing movement action type songs…  i had fun making cute calendars.  felt happy :o)  small things….