All around us Christians are seeking to convert the lost to Jesus.  What is the best way to do this?  And once men having been converted, what is the best way to aid them in attaining full perfection in Christ?

The way to reach the lost is to reach them by the heart..  If a new convert were introduced to  real prayer  and to a true inward experience of Christ as soon as he became converted you would see countless numbers of converts go on to become true disciples.

Burdening the new Christian with countless rules and all sorts of standards does not help him grow in Christ.  Here is what should be done:  The new Christian should be led to God!


By learning to turn within to Jesus and by giving the Lord his whole heart.  If you are one of those in charge of new believers, lead them to a real real inner knowledge of Jesus.  Oh what a difference there would be in the lives of those new Christians!

Or a new Christian, for all of us in fact , the heart is all important if we are to go forward in Christ.  Once the heart has been gained by God, everything else will eventually take care of itself.

Madam Guyon from 100 Days in the Secret Place

I can relate to this both by experience and by theological thought.  My own experience as a new Christian in 1993, and since then, was that my heart was won first and then once I was captivated by God it meant that he ruled and reigned and by love could correct me and change me and change the outward things that I was doing.  I didn’t know what a Christian should and shouldn’t be doing.  But God showed me bit by bit and revealed his heart to me and thus my desire was to follow and obey.

I think it is really important for new Christians to really encounter God.  Not rules.  Not church.  But the one true living God who loves them and knows them and saved them.

New Christians don’t need to have their brains filled up with head knowledge, they need to develop trust and faith in God.  They don’t need to know the meaning of the 3rd toe on the left foot of the beast, just that God is mighty and able to save and that he has a plan and purpose and works His good in all things.  They need to know that when they pray God hears them and works in their life.   There are complex things in christianity.  God doesn’;t heal always because he is working the big picture.  God sometimes says no as his answer to prayer.  Life is hard and God uses experience to produce hope and faith and good things in our lives.  Being a Christian and knowing God isn’t happy happy joy joy all the time.  BUT do new Christians need the weight of all the negativity that older Christians sometimes have about such things.  Nope.  They need the truth in love and light and hope.

They need the opportunity to discover for themselves the complexity of the plans of God, but aalso how he is always GOOD and GREAT.  They need to know that sometimes the answer is no, but that God always is with them and walks through the fire and flames with them.

When our hearts are devoted to God obeying Him is easier.  All of us need to stir our hearts to love towards God, keeping the love fresh and real.