I read this great, aka challenging, post the other day (10 Things Pastors Absolutely HATE to Admit Publicly) and began applying it to my own life in the circles of influence i have.

For myself i have added number #11 to the list

#11 : I worry that i’m not ____________ enough and can’t provide the help you need (fill in the blank: good, qualified, smart, compassionate, wise, cool, relevant)

#11 is my biggest worry, fear, whatever.

There is even a phobic name for it.


#11 is the one i need to punch in the face, shut it up and nullify any limitation it could place on me.  i will not live within its boundaries or restrictions.

It looks back at me in the mirror and whispers nasty things, chattering away with untruths, half truths.

You see the reality is that sometimes I’m not blank enough.

But WITH GOD nothing is impossible.  WITH GOD I can do all things.

I am just a jar of clay to show that the all surpassing power is of God (2 Corinthians 4:7)

The fears forget those promises of God and that He makes me blank enough.

The most effective way to deal with those trash talking voices is to replace them with a truth.  The Truth.  Remove the lie and speak the truth.

We have to refuse to live with atelphobia and to live in the freedom of God’s acceptance and power.

Rewrite the script you live by and know that God graces and empowers you to serve Him.

How do we rewrite the script?

1.  know what God says about you – find specific personal verses in the Bible that God makes personal to you – highlight them, write them down, meditate upon them

2.  stop the fear in its tracks… change the way you think but stopping the thoughts before they become a negative downward spiral

3.  talk to someone about how you feel.  let them give you a new encouraging script and perspective

4.  step out and help someone – use the gifts and talents God has given you and watch Him work His wonder THROUGH you.  a few positive experiences under your belt is evidence you are blank enough

5.  make a list of all the ways you are enough – your talents, your values, your attributes

In myself I am nothing, but with God I am everything.

He qualifies and equips the called.

My job is to say YES to the things He is calling me to do and He will enable me to be a best fit in that moment, for that role.

In Him I am blank enough.

Do you ever struggle with feeling not blank enough? Or is this just me?

Right now in Christ, you have unlimited resources, unceasing strength, unequaled peace, unfailing help — so you can face anything unafraid.


Praying for New Zealand today as we vote


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My Story of Healing – Christine Caine

“Chris, you have cancer.” Not quite the words I was expecting to hear when I landed in Sydney Australia for our annual Hillsong conference on June 27 this year.

It was 9am in Australia, and my doctor in the US had called to give me the results of the Thyroid biopsy I had done before boarding my flight to Australia.

The C word….

I had to choose to cover the problem with the promises of God.
I had to choose to silence the giant with the Word of God.
I had to choose to see beyond the wall to the victory on the other side.
I had to choose to walk by faith and not by sight.
I had to choose to combat fear with faith.
I had to choose to replace the facts with the truth.
I had to choose faith warriors to walk through the fire with me.
I had to choose to saturate myself in the Presence of God.
I had to choose to devour the promises of the Word of God.
I had to choose to silence fear, doubt, unbelief and negativity.
I had to choose to guard my confession.
I had to choose life and not death.
I did not know the size of the battle ahead, but I knew it was warfare.



BRIDGE RUNS – Liz Sarno – Leading and Loving It

Running the bridge is a lot like life in ministry. You have seasons that it may seem like you are running uphill. Those times can be difficult and force you to push yourself a little harder. There are also seasons that are easier, where you’re running downhill, coasting along with no problem. While the uphill seasons aren’t quite as enjoyable, they are necessary to get you to the point where you can hit your downhill stride.




Raising Adults – Parent Cue

You are not raising kids, you are raising adults.

The point is there is countdown to adulthood that is happening for toddlers and teenagers, and the clock is not going to stop. The real question is what kind of adults are you raising? That question should motivate us to start relating to our kids with an end in mind.

Here’s a profound thought:
If you want your children to become responsible adults, then give them responsibilities now. I’m sure that may seem like an over-simplistic cliché, but there is a tendency for many of us to over-parent and over-lead. Have you ever heard that some trees cast such a large shadow that nothing else can grow around them? Here are a few ways to guarantee your kids will not grow up to be responsible adults….




Brace yourself. Distractions and interruptions are coming and they don’t care about your ambition or goals. Right now, as you read this more emails, texts, notifications, and “emergencies” are getting ready to test you.

How well you handle distractions will greatly determine how successful you will be.

Anyone and everyone, anything and everything, will get in your way. You must be able to effectively minimize and remove distractions and interruptions.

Take a moment and think about how many hours a week you watch TV. How many minutes (or hours!) you spend each day on the internet doing things that aren’t work related. Youtube, news, social media, email, phone, and so on are all weapons of mass procrastination.


Is God real?

Does He heal?

Twice now I’ve hinted at an incredible life changing moment in my life.  Again its still so amazing and I’m in awe of what has happened.   Now that you know my backstory I’ll go into what happened on Saturday and since then.

Over the weekend our church, The River Christian Church (Auckland) held HIS PRESENCE Conference | UNCONTAINABLE.

It was phenomenal.  The worship went off in every session.  Each message was bang on and relevant and God’s NOW words for me and so many others.  It was great to connect with River people and friends from other churches, and of course, make new friends.  Our kids had their own River Kids conference and had an amazing time discovering more about God and His great love for them.

I felt that the message on Friday night by Paul Saunders was just for me.  It was so where I was at – or more importantly, so where I need to be.  It was about no limits and how nothing is impossible with God.  He challenged us to live uncontainable lives, believing that God is the God of no limits and all possibilities and to lift our expectation.

I left that night after the ministry time, where I encountered God in an amazing way, full.  Satisfied.  Challenged.  If nothing else happened on conference I would have been happy.

Then Saturday morning happened.

When Pastor James Anson (Faithpointe Church, Auckland) got up to speak he begun with some words of knowledge for healing.  He had words for people with carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, left ankle issues and then…

Severe food allergies.

I was sitting in the front row.

I stood up.

I dont know if it was audible or tangible, but I felt everyone behind me “oooooh, its claire!” with a sense of expectation.  This isnt just my story.  It is a story for our church.  They all know I’m the food allergy guru and how the allergies have altered my life.  They know my backstory and have walked through the journey with me.

I have been prayed for many many many times over the past 10 years for my allergies.  More so in the last 3 years.  I am always very happy to be prayed for because I have always believed that one day I would be  healed and that one day would come, one day.

Until blind Bartimaeus was healed, he was blind.  Until the lame man was healed, he was lame.  Until Lazarus was healed, he was dead.  I was in my until.  Until I was healed, I had food allergies.

As you can see in the photo at the top people gathered around me (and the other people who had stood up) and prayed.  Like I said, I have been prayed for many times for healing.  But this time was different.  This time had the YES of God on it.   The presence of God was very strong and I was beginning to feel incredibly warm and and and… words cant really describe it.  It was amazing.  I knew I was healed.  Beyond shadow of a doubt.

Towards the end of being prayed for I felt strongly that I should test it and act in faith.  Just as those who had the sore ankles and wrists would be asked to do something to see if they were healed, so I too could do something.  I have been asked to eat after being prayed for but have always politely but firmly declined.  But there was something different about this time.  When Pastor James asked people to test it I said to my friends who had prayed “I’m going to eat caramel slice!” I dashed off.

As part of the conference our church puts on a lunch, including baking and I had watched people bring in platters of amazing baking.  Including caramel slice.

I freaked my friends out.  Seriously.   One asked if my epi pen was in my bag, prepared for the worst.  Remember, only 3 weeks ago I reacted to wheat products.

I got the caramel slice and took it back into the church.  And ate it.  Oh how sweet and good it was!

We then all sat down again and waited.  A few minutes later I thumbed up my best friends, all good.  No reaction so far.  No facial tingling.  No hives.  No itch.  Twenty minutes past.  No tummy pain.  No dash to the bathroom.

No reaction.  At all.

Praise Jesus!  All glory to Him!

Since then I have eaten something every day that would have made me react.

Banana cake.

Turkish Delight Chocolate (yeah thats a naughty one!)

and today – bread.  Normal bread.  Gluten full bread.

My life is changed.

Jesus has changed my life.

Jesus has healed me.

I have had my UNTIL moment.

It’s incredible.

A miracle.

Nothing is impossible for God.

10637851_10152235052986533_2007506793_n 10681650_10152235083636533_993829985_n


The other day I hinted that I had something incredible to share with you.

Four days onwards I am still finding it hard to wrap words around what has happened.  Its that momentous.

Let me begin with the backstory.

For a number of years I had some serious health struggles.  I was always exhausted.  I was always sick.  My skin was raging with eczema.     My vitamin and mineral stores within my body were depleted.  Life was becoming gray.  I was always at the dr and spent a few years constantly being on and off antibiotics for various sinus and skin infections. The only solution was to take antihistamines and go to bed.  Nothing was changing.  Progressively it became worse. Read the rest of this entry »


I have something incredible to share with you all…

but as yet I still havent been able to find the right words.  I havent been able to wrap words around how amazing it is, how amazing God is.  Yes, I’m speechless!  I want to tell the story and do it justice in a way that people would know that God is real and that nothing is impossible for Him.  I want to tell it in away that conveys the magnitude of what this means for my life.

I’m awestruck.


I’ll give you a clue.

That’s me getting prayed for at our #HisPresence14 Conference at The River over the weekend.

And I got healed.

Seriously healed.

Life changedly healed.

Watch this space for an update later in the week!

“In every block of marble i see a statue as plain as though it stood before me shaped and perfect in attitude and action. i only have to hew away the rough walls that imprison the lovely apparition to reveal it to the other eyes as mine see it.” Michelangelo

Sculpting a masterpiece doesn’t happen overnight – it’s a process that requires time and careful work. The same is true for imperfect progress. God is chiseling us, making us new – and that requires time, careful work and a great deal of grace. ~ Lysa Terkeurst

Uncontainable (1)

In the Old Testament the presence of God dwelt in The Ark.

He then filled The Temple.

But now the Holy Spirit is within us.

The power and presence of God dwells within us, as believers.

The same great power that was in The Ark, the same might and holiness that resided in The Temple and Holy of Holies is in and through me.

God doesnt want to be contained but wants us to live and move and have our being in Him, to release Him into the world to touch those around us.  He wants to be uncontained and unconstrained in our lives, demonstrating His reality, goodness and greatness.  He wants us to live with no boundaries when it comes to knowing  Him and making Him known.

He doesnt want to be contained in a box, or a building, or even a person.

He wants to be uncontainable


There is something about the true Presence of God that just can’t be kept quiet! Wherever Jesus went, the Holy Spirit within Him broke through conventions, institutions, culture and mindsets – and it was never long before EVERYONE knew that He was there!

Like Jesus, the Holy Spirit doesn’t just want to fill us with His power… He wants to empower us to be His witnesses. He wants to break into this world through us – and His is a story that can’t be kept secret, and a power that can’t be contained! (#HisPresence14 – The River Christian Church)

Check out the promo video for our His Presence Conference starting TODAY: https://vimeo.com/97580047

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