another free worship song from Bethel Church – i love songs about what Jesus has done and who Jesus is.

i love songs that come out of a meeting spontaneously, its as if it was the heartbeat of a  moment from us to God and from God to us.

what’s your favourite free worship song or free worship moment?


The Only 7 Things We Truly Can Control in Life—and How to Rock Them All

in my experience, life can be pretty complicated. Although most of us have plenty to manage in our day-to-day lives—jobs, relationships, family, exercise, sleep, you name it—there are really only a few things we truly have control over. I changed my life by identifying these variables and learning how to master them. And I think you can too.

Happiness and success (however you define either one) have a lot to do with each other. In fact, greater happiness has been found to lead to greater success. I think both can be achieved with some simple and straightforward habit hacking, or  making small tweaks to your routine which, little by little, add up to major changes in how you’re living your life.

We make millions of little decisions all the time, and the result of each one is either net positive, net negative, or neutral. The more net positive decisions we can make (and the fewer net negative ones), the better. Net positive decisions may require some effort: Brushing your teeth before bed, eating healthy meals, and regularly going to the gym are a few examples of actions that help you feel good and bring you one step closer to your goals despite the effort they entail. Net negative decisions—filling up on food that doesn’t make you feel good, skipping the nightly teeth-brushing, letting that downer friend cramp your style, or forgoing the gym—make it difficult to reach your goals because your decisions don’t make you feel good, empowered, or confident. They take more out of you than they give, interfering with your energy levels, sapping your motivation, and clouding your focus.



Get Up & GO!

The kitchen looked like a war zone. It was 10 A.M., and last night’s dirty dishes were still piled on the counter. I was in my bathrobe, my son was in his pajamas, and I didn’t have one speck of energy or motivation to handle the five thousand things demanding my attention. As I shuffled along, picking up dishes, I moaned softly to myself, Why am I so tired?

Thankfully, we don’t have to drag ourselves through life constantly running on empty. In fact, the Bible actually promises us “abundant” life. John 10:10 says, “I came that they might have life, and might have it abundantly”(NASB).

Obviously, prolonged, extreme tiredness may be a symptom of a larger problem such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or depression. In those instances, you should seek medical help. But what about the otherwise healthy body that daily desires an afternoon nap or a fresh burst of energy (that’s not caffeine-induced)? I’ve discovered a few tips that have increased my energy. If you’ve been dragging lately, they may energize you too.




5 Things I’m Learning in This Dance With My Strong-Willed Daughters – We Are THAT Family 

  1. Not everything is a battle–but it can be if we make it one. If we are in constant battle about the same things–messy rooms, laundry and attitude, we might win a few, but it might cost us a relationship. Leave the small things, small. That’s not to say we let them have their way all the time, instead we focus on what really matters.
  2. Not everything is personal–but it can be if we take offense. That eye roll or audible sigh–it’s normal. That doesn’t make it right or less frustrating. But most words flung are coming from a hurt or misunderstood place. If we choose to be offended by every word or action, we are choosing something much bigger. Look past the words and get to the heart of the hurt.
  3. Not everything can be won–and if we try to win it all, we will ultimately lose. We are raising, unique, one-of-a-kind girls who will surprise and satisfy us. We have to step back and let them learn and grow and mess up. Most of all, we have to help them find the beauty in every place, especially the hard ones.
  4. Not everything is eternal–but everything is significant. Things in her world might seem small to us. And they probably are–that zit, that boy, that mean girl, that first B on her report card. But if we make what’s important to her insignificant to us, we wound.
  5. Not everything is understood and that’s why listening is the best gift. We may not always understand the drama, the emotion, the passion over the trivial. And that’s okay. We can offer them what they really want and need–it’s not a fix to their problem, it’s a listening ear. Some times the best thing we can do is close our mouth and let them talk.




“How do you balance family life and ministry life?” [PART 1] Q&A With Bobbie Houston #2 

This has to be possibly THE most frequently asked question in forums like this, and especially by young women in that fabulous season of early motherhood. However having said that, the question applies to pretty much every season of life, because there isn’t a season in any of our lives, where we don’t (or shouldn’t) feel something of the stretch and pressure of that new season.

Have you noticed that one word dominated this first paragraph … Seasons!!

FAMILY LIFE is full of seasons and MINISTRY LIFE is full of seasons … and the “art of balance” is to recognize, discern, adapt, navigate, appreciate, be thankful and of course, apply WISDOM to whatever season or “collision of seasons” you are experiencing.



HELP YOUR KIDS SAY ‘NO’ TO PORN - The Gospel Coalition

The first time porn was served at the cafeteria lunch table, my son was 11 years old. Does that seem young to you? Research suggests that one in three children ages 11 to 14 have viewed pornography on a mobile device. Add to that the very real possibility that a child will stumble across explicit content on YouTube or in a pop-up ad during innocent computer usage, and one thing becomes clear: parents must be proactive in talking about porn with their kids.
I’m not a fearmonger when it comes to parenting. In fact, I think fear is a terrible motivator for making parenting decisions. But if children are being exposed to porn at young ages, the loving thing to do as a parent is to equip them to know how to respond. The most frequent parenting question I’m asked is, “When should I talk to my child about sex?” My adamant answer is, “Much earlier than you might think.” If you’re concerned about your child being exposed to porn, you have to talk about sex, and you must do so early.


Sharing this with my SAS course tomorrow!

Originally posted on TED Summaries:

Speaker: Josh Kaufman

Length: 19:27

Rating 4 / 5


You can get to a passable level in a new skill with 20 hrs practise. You just need to

  1. Deconstruct the skill into its important parts. Reduce the skill to an achievable level
  2. Learn enough to know when you are on the right track
  3. Focus, push through the “Feeling stupid” phase of learning, and practise


A good idea, and presented well. His example of learning to play ukulele from its 4 most common chords was good. Also very inspiring – the idea to just learn what you want – you don’t need to become an expert.

I then went to think about what I want to learn. That’s when it gets tricky. It should definitely work to get to a beginners level for artistic or performance skills – eg music, drawing, photoshop, juggling, martial arts, language.

It’s harder to imagine for tasks which take longer to…

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orange flowers


today: is monday #weseetomorrowfirst and the first day back at term for the kids at school and me at SAS

want to be: speaking the words of God, hearing His unique and on time message for preaching this Sunday night

blessings: opportunities

thinking: about the amazing privilege i have to walk through life with amazing people

planning: to drink turkish delight this week

listening to: Hillsong NO OTHER NAME – sooooo good.  loving that the songs are all about jesus.

watching: downtown abbey season one on dvd

reading: leaders eat last

writing: about energy management for SAS next week

loving:  my gracious husband

grateful: for God’s grace and love



i saw this on my lovely friend amarias’ fb page… and loved it! had to share!

what are your rules for being amazing?

be an original visit the funny pinterest, where you can create your own memes and post your own images

Kim Walker-Smith, worship leader of Jesus Culture had a revelation while watching Lady Gaga on tv: “We as Christians, are not the only ones looking for ways to influence society…”

Isn’t that so the truth.  The world out there is promoting its message and having its say.  It holds up its ideal and preaches its own gospel of self.

But we are called to counter that with the truth and reality of God.

Kim Walker-Smith goes on to say: “But if we could deepen our intimacy with Jesus, if we could move with Him and learn His heart for this world, we could be unstoppable!  To love with His love and to see with His eyes, to walk within the parameters of His divine Word…..that leads us into a freedom like no other. He alone can answer that cry in our hearts for freedom and He wants to do it in every heart. We weren’t designed to do it alone. God not only promises to be with us always, but also refers to us as one body-the Body of Christ. Part of His excellent plan is for us to be partnered with each other.  The condition of this world should only inspire us to get our game face on! We must understand that we are not the only ones out there who want to influence hearts and minds. We must “seek first His Kingdom… and everything else will be added” unto us (Matthew 6:33). He has a plan.”

how would you define influence?




We need to be intentional about energy management.

Yesterday we talked about some of the reasons and time limitations we face : Be Intentional With Your Time



Tony Schwarz says there are 4 types of energy:

Physical (Quantity)
Emotional (Quality) how you feel profound affects how you perform
Mental (Focus)
Spiritual (Purpose) when something has value we bring more energy to it

So, how do we learn to manage our energy more skilfully?  How do all 4 of these energy types work together for renewal and balance, and an increase in energy reserves.

In physics, energy is defined simply as the capacity to work. Therefore the more energy you have – or the more energy you renew – the more fuel you have in your tank, and the capacity you have to get things done. Unlike cars, human beings have four distinct energy needs: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The better and more regularly we meet each of these needs, the healthier, happier, more focused and more effective we become.

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be intentional


Are you ‘ready to go’ in the morning?

Are you able to maintain high levels of energy during the day?

Do you rely a lot on caffeine or energy drinks to keep you going?

Do you have energy left in reserve at the end of the day?

When we start to pursue our dreams and to live our life to the max the best thing to have is an abundance of personal energy, to have all our tanks full and to go forward in high gear and at full speed! What good is it to have great personal goals if there is simply not enough energy to follow through with them? If we have that extra energy everything will become easier to do.

We are often obsessed with time, and there never seems to be enough of it.

We try to squeeze more into every minute of every day.

We eat fast food on the run and chat on our cell phone while driving, eating, or exercising. We get drive through coffee and watch TV “on demand”. At the end of the day, we fall into bed exhausted, but sleep doesn’t come easily because we’re constantly thinking about the next day.

We want more hours in the day so that we can do more. But there are only 24 hours in each day, 168 hours in the week.

There are two problems with time. The first one is that after a certain number of hours fatigue inevitably sets in. There is only so much we can do.

The second problem with time is that it’s finite, and most of us don’t have any of it left to invest. Our dance cards are full and yet we’re never finished.

There is a strong case that energy management can save you more time than time management.

The way we’re working isn’t working.

We need to manage our energy vs managing our time.

Though time is finite, energy can be expanded, renewed and used more efficiently.

We need to be intentional about energy management.


What do you to to make time work for you?

What are your energy management strategies?



(see the post tomorrow to find out HOW!)

“true courage is pursuing your dream

even when everyone else says it is impossible.” Barbie


Yes Barbie.

The doll.  The animated movie star.


We own quite a collection of the Barbie movies now – my daughter is just about growing out of her, but has being up to now a certified big fan.

And i confess I am too – I love the beautiful dresses and the stories of heroes and heroines and the singing and dancing and the pinkness.  Who would have thought eh.  I’ve always had a soft spot for fairy tales and fantasy genre.


One of the things that jumped out at me when watching Barbie and The 3 Musketeer was this quote.

“true courage is pursuing your dream even when everyone else says it is impossible.”


In my life my dream is the call of God.

The dream is the dream that God has placed in my spirit to serve and follow Him.

Sometimes it looks impossible, improbable, unlikely.

Who am i?  Just me.  Just me.

BUT God has made me.  HE has called me.  HE empowers me.  And so i press on with courage, the courage and faith thatHe who calls is faithful to complete the good work and that He who calls calls for a reason and a purpose and that is HIS glory.  And so i have hope. Courage.

I turn off the lies i could tell myself that i am not good enough, smart enough, qualified enough, popular enough, funny enough, spiritual enough.

I just follow, eyes fixed upon God.

My courage comes from him.


Dont you love it when a song just grips your heart unexpectedly.  I was doing some SAS research for a session next week and had spotify on in the background and this song by Kari Jobe came on.  I hadnt heard it and thought oh yeah, nice sound and then carried on.  But the words washed over me and i found my heart joining in in the worship and the evident prayer for more of God, for His ways and His will, for His presence.

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