loved this Good Friday vimeo clip by Luke St. Hilaire that showed this morning during our Good Friday service at The River this morning… incredibly powerful!


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last week our son got his hair shaved as part of the Child Cancer Foundation’s SHAVE YOUR LID FOR A BRAVE KID campaign – along with his best friend (yes, a girl).  the next day we had our kids primary school jubilee and were snapped by an incredibly talented photographer from Crisp Photography.  i love how she has captured caleb and also tony and i.   i confess i dont like my photo taken at all… like AT ALL!  but i like these… or maybe i’m just learning to like what i see in the mirror eh…


Today’s blog post is written by the beautiful inside and out Dara Crandall who lives all the way in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada. She has been hairdressing for 3 years and just launched Hairspray & Holywater. A blog about hair, culture, travel, and beauty. When she isn’t doing hair at the salon you can find her hanging out with her family and her pooch Rowdie. She likes music, art and being in big cities. Her dream is to bring good hair to the world and open a discussion on beauty and why it matters.



A few years ago I fell in love with a worship song by the name of You’re beautiful by Phil Wickham. The song paints with such vividness the beauty of creation, the power of Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross and the amazement of eternity that awaits us just beyond this life. I love this song because it challenges how I see God.

I tend to look on my Creator as loving, merciful, fierce and all-consuming. But before I met that worship song I never really saw the Almighty as beautiful. There is a grumbling in the Church that beauty is vanity and vanity takes us away from the discipline of the Cross, but the more that I walk the road to heaven the more I realize the fallacy in that statement. We were created by God, for God and in His image. Scripture waxes on about the wonders of creation and how it reflects God’s glory, might and beauty. The book of Ecclesiastes says that he has made everything beautiful in its time and the Psalms exclaim that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. That we are knit together in the most tender way, dreamt of and thought of before time even began.

I think that our quest for beauty has more to do with our soul’s ache to be back in Eden and in complete communion with God than it has to do with our lack of discipline and weakness in the face of vanity. The book of Genesis says that when Eve was brought to Adam and he beheld her for the first time that they were both naked and felt no shame. If we dealt with a faith that was solely concerned about a man dying on a Cross and how we must suffer and endure this life to hope to gain some sort of freedom in the end, then I don’t understand why that last statement would have been included in the Scriptures. To feel absolute pure, uncompromised, untainted beauty is to know the feeling of being naked without shame. I think that all our cosmetic surgeries, our thousands of dollars spent on make up and hair and our hours spent in front of the mirror have to do with making us feel the same way Eve did in front of Adam. And if that feeling of beauty and freedom existed before the Fall then I can only conclude that experiencing beauty is part of God’s design and His plan. Our beauty matters because it takes us back to a place free from sin and brings us to a time before our separation from God.

1st Corinthians says that our bodies are Temples of the Living God who now lives and dwells in us. The Temple was God’s house, that is where he “theatred” all his glory from. It was a fantastic building built by knowledgeable hands and skilled vision. It was laced with gold and other fineries, it was spectacular in its beauty. It was well kept, well maintained and well loved. If we loved our bodies the way that the Jewish people loved the Temple our lives would be so different. And not just different from a health point of view but from a beauty point of view too. We would decorate and love our bodies because they house the Living God. We wouldn’t be so caught up in achieving a worldly standard of beauty, we would be more concerned about clothing the house of God in a way that glorifies Him and celebrates what He has done in our lives. Maybe we wouldn’t hate the mirror so much if we knew that we were the packaging for a beautiful, fearsome God who lived inside of us.

Our beauty matters because we were created in the image of a beautiful God who lives and makes his place among us. There is strength and joy in beauty. Our job is to reflect his beauty to the world so that they might see and be intrigued. If creation is beautiful and reflects the majesty of the King and if we are created beings then we need to understand that we also reflect the beauty of the Most High.


this song still undoes me…

its the song that stirs my dreams

and fuels my heart

its the song that challenges me

and calls me out of the comfort zone

its the song that inspires faith

magnifies the greatness and goodness of God

expands my vision

calms my heart

God is faithful











"We are losing a generation."
It’s a refrain I hear again and again.  It saddens me. 
"We are losing a generation", they say.  And they wage their culture wars, fighting for the attention of an age group that they fear are disconnected and disillusioned. 
All the while ignoring another generation; a generation living with intense loneliness and emptiness.
While we increasingly accomodate ourselves to the demands of an emerging generation, agonising over how to reach them and connect with their worldview, we readily ignore the elders; those who have gone before us, and yet have never found the reason for their race. 
Over the years I have been in countless gatherings where those under 25 or 30 have been called forward.  We have prayed our best prayers, trusting Father to do something amazing in their generation.  Rarely have I been in a gathering where those over 55 are called forward. 
We are losing a generation not because we do not know how to connect, but simply because we do not care to connect.  They have become the disposable generation. Those whom we used to set us up in life, yet God’s heart aches for that generation.




Hope When Your Plans Get Interrupted by Holley Gerth :

Hope in a God whose ways are higher than ours.

Hope in a future he promises he’s preparing for us.

Hope that even today’s rain can somehow how become tomorrow’s flowers.




A ministry momentum killer by Steven Furtick : Make sure your private devotion keeps pace with your ministry momentum.  Your relationship with God is only as strong as your most recent encounter with Him.




It Matters Whom You Marry

1. It will impact you spiritually.

2. It will impact you emotionally.

3. It will impact you physically.

4. It will impact you mentally.

5. It will impact you relationally.




Lost in Translation

Practicing “When you say ___, I hear ___” slows the process down and often transforms a couple’s communication cycle. Many marital disagreements can be saved before they get hijacked by misinterpretations. –












* notes from my preaching last night at The River 




There is one guy in the bible I just don’t like.


He’s a jerk.

But you know, he often makes it into children’s bibles. I don’t know why. I mean, the guy is strong, kind of the wolverine of the bible. The children’s bibles always picture him with strong muscles and beautiful flowing hair. He even makes into Hebrews 11 which is like a hall of fame in the bible.

But he is a womanizer and as I said a jerk.

Samson was called to live a consecrated life but instead he lived an out of control life. He was called to be a great hero and while he does some heroic acts he has some serious flaws that detract from his potential and purpose and at the end of his story we find him broken and blind destroying a temple kamikaze style.

He showed such promise. Like Samuel, like Isaac, like John the Baptist he had a auspicious supernatural beginning. His parents, barren, had a divine encounter with an angel and the promise of a son. Talk about DESTINY!

But he is a jerk.

Tonight I want to talk about some of the lessons we can learn from his life – about living consecrated, living set apart, not out of control.


But before we get into that I want to add a disclaimer.

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feeling very blessed to be a guest writer on my lovely friend Dara’s blog today Hairspray & Holywater about the 3 most important people in a girls life.  go check it out…




1509937_10201945042968005_916113994234715638_nthese are our BEFORE photos – today is the day when caleb shaves his lid for a brave kid (child cancer nz) in the special shave for a cure assembly at his school BBI today.  9 kids are getting shaved including his best friend, yes, a girl.   we’re so proud of them both and had the shave your lid tshirts made to celebrate the occasion.  they have a mufti day today so will be able to wear them all day and then to youth tonight.



10260015_10152474539164258_196384648661222633_n 10174996_10152474544184258_3363042387822158020_n10155850_10201946114274787_211016356003786525_n 

dont they look fabulous!  the school made it a great event with special celebrity guest michael murphy whom many of the kids may not have known before hand (he was runner up in the first season of NZ Idol) but who left with a lot of (screaming) fans!  He did an amazing job and has such a brilliant voice! in total there were 10 kids that got shaved, including 2 girls, and then 7 teachers got shaved.  we are so incredibly proud of caleb and his friend, and the other kids, and in total the school have raised over $7000 for the child cancer foundation. 






i am loving our youth group – HKC Ministries @ The RIver.  We have a fantastic leadership team and youth pastor and love hearing about all the adventures my son is having.  Even better, loving seeing photos on their fb page!




also loving:

bakeworks gluten free HOT CROSS BUNS!

Hillsong Y + F

HPS 50th Jubaliee Celebrations

Daughters “Breakfast at Tiffanys” event – @ The River

30 day shred

ministry of health





and as always.  i love Jesus with all i am and all my heart and all my soul and all my days. For His glory and the building of His kingdom and the rescue of the lost.

so what are you totally loving this week?

… check out what other peeps are loving whatever day of the week it is over at MNM’s BLOG

things im loving


ever flick through a magazine and wish you had hair like… lorde (oh i love her curls), eyes like lea michele, a body like anyone in hollywood?!?

even though we know media has such an agenda when it comes to image, we’re buying.  even unintentionally.  we allow these thousands of images to determine and define what we, the collective “we”, say is beautiful.

and its unrealistic.

and for most of us unreachable.

even if we worked out 3 hours a day and ate lettuce dipped in protein juice.



have you seen the Dove True Beauty Evolution clip… where it takes a “normal” woman and turns her into a supermodel for a billboard ad?


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